We Talked to a High School Senior about College

Q: From the beginning of one's college experience everyone seems to have opinions about what you're supposed to be doing. How have you been dealing with that sort of thing?

A: I generally get kinda rude and say I don't wanna talk about it with family friends. With people that I don't know as well I've developed a sort of script of common responses.

Q: What's the most annoying thing people have said to you?

A: I'm not sure, I don't think that what they say is annoying, it's more the constant questions. It does bug me when people try to sell me on wherever they went to school or a school where they grew up.

Q:​ Who is affecting you more right now, friends or family?

A: My family bugs me the most because they keep pushing for an answer. My friends are generally fine because they understand the stress.

Q: Ultimately, what factors went into your final decision?

A: Money was a really big one, but it was also location. I personally can't stand not being in a large city so that was giant for me, the majors and classes that are offered are also big. And the people. Honestly it's kind of just the vibe that I got when I visited.

Q: Any regrets in regard to the process?

A: I wish I had looked into more colleges before I applied. Like, I feel like there are other great schools that I would have loved had I cared more to find them.