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Ways to Motivate Yourself to Do Work: reading week, set, go!

What could be better to prepare for your finals than a whole week of no classes? With all that time, it’s like being on break. Remember how productive you were during Thanksgiving break a few weeks ago and every break before that?

Here are some tips to try and save you. HCXO


1. Put all review sessions and office hours into your online calendar. Obviously, you cannot go to everything; that’s virtually impossible. Nonetheless, having the knowledge of when these educational opportunities are present will compel your productivity.

2. Set a quota on how much TV and movies (and other distracting entertainment, even hanging out with friends) you are allotted. This way you can avoid meandering days of binge-watching and exploring entertainment. Instead, you can stay on it!

3. Make a to-do list every day. It has to include all the little things for two reasons: you feel more accomplished and then you have minimal excuses to not do stuff, like shower or laundry. Make sure it’s in a place that you’ll see it! Otherwise, this will be one of those organizationally ambitious and failing things you try.


4. Sleep! Otherwise, everything in you will be thrown off, which is especially damaging to your productivity.


5. Eat! Again, if you don’t eat, your hormones will be askew, which will affect a lot, limiting your productivity.  You don’t want this ever, especially right before finals during reading period. Importantly, eat well. Eating poorly can be just as bed as not eating at all.


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