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Uncage the Chest: Bra Alternatives to Give Your Boobs a Break

Most women love buying bras, but few women love wearing them. Traditional bras can be both uncomfortable and, according to a 2013 French study, harmful to boobs and overall health. Yet while the idea of being free from straps and underwire is enticing, not many feel comfortable displaying their nipples in public. If that describes you, here are some alternative braless options from someone who hates strapless bras and loves backless tank tops:

1. Nude pastie

This bandaid-like pastie is good to wear under sheer items, like bralettes and tops, where the shape of the nipple is not a major issue.

Pros: Completely opaque and hides the color of the areola; reusable up to six times

Cons: Very thin, does not give boobs a smooth look; only comes in two colors, so color may not match those with very light or medium-toned skin; opacity creates stark contrast with skin 

Buy: Braza Petal Tops $7; online at Target or Amazon; in-store at American Apparel on Brattle Street


2. Silicone sticky boobs

This silicone stick-on is a much better alternative to sticky bras. Great to wear with plunging necklines or backless tops that are not see-through.

Pros: Smooths over boobs; enough silicone to pad nipples; reusable 25 or more times

Cons: Will fall off with excessive sweating (disclaimer: NOT ADEQUATE FOR YARDFEST. Will fall off mid-performance and cause hell); slightly transparent

Buy: Hollywood Silicone CoverUps $13; online at Ulta; in-store at CVS


3. Non-adhesive boob cover

This silicone cover uses body heat and slight suction to adhere to boobs. Great to wear with dark colors and going-out tops.

Pros: Stays on regardless of sweat; no adhesive to collect dirt; comes in three tones and two sizes; reusable unlimited amount of times based on care

Cons: Very transparent, not sufficient for white knit tank tops or any other transparent material; very little coverage; pointy nipples will be slightly visible

Buy: Nippes Skin Resuable Thin Silicone Nipple Cover Non-adhesive $26; online at Amazon


For those not trying to #freethenipple

Moriah is a freshman at Harvard College and lives in Wigglesworth Dorm. She is from Honolulu, Hawaii and is interested in fashion, history, and the dumplings.
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