Tips on How to Master your Hot Girl Semester

As hot girl summer has officially come to an end, our leader has proclaimed the era of the hot girl semester. If you’re confused as to how to transfer your summer energy into this fall, Meg took over Twitter Music and gave us a hand.

Of course, you want to be in your bag, but you’re also gonna need to take care of yourself to maintain your energy. No worries, because here are some tips on how to ease into this transition without burning out. 

First, you’re gonna need to organize yourself. Meg recommends getting a daily planner, to organize yourself. If you’re like me, a digital calendar is your go-to. But if you really want to really double down on self-care and productivity, get yourself a panda planner. I have friends who swear by this- you can keep track of your long to-do lists while doing personal check-ins throughout the day. Whatever method you favor, make sure to plan some time for yourself. Pencil in your bedtime, three meal times, workouts, and time to unwind with your friends or turn up.

Start your mornings with a power boost workout. The hardest part is crawling out of bed, but you’ll thank yourself for it. Put on Megan Thee Stallion’s Fever and watch your workout fly by. The extra energy boost will have you in a power mindset, so you’ll be ready to conquer your day ahead. Afterward, definitely make time to get breakfast- yes, very played out advice, but how else are you going to bring the energy for the day? 

At the end of your day, take time for yourself, and that could be as simple as 10 minutes. Reflect on your day, both the positives and the challenges you had, but try to keep a growth mindset. A bad day won’t last forever.  

At bedtime, marinate in your nighttime routine, whatever it may be, and make it your wind down for the day. Aim for that 7-8 hours of snooze- a hot girl needs her beauty sleep, and tomorrow, you can still be on your hot girl sh*t.