Tailgate Tips for College Games

Some go to football games for the thrill of the competition. Others, or perhaps most, go for the tailgate. Harvard-Yale Weekend is finally here--meaning huge tailgates, numerous parties, sporadic mishaps, LOTS of alcohol, and great memories made (or lack thereof because of the drinking). We’re here to help you maximize the good memories, minimize the sporadic mishaps, and keep you at a level slightly above the “optimal buzz.” Read on for tips on how to tailgate like a pro!



  • Go! At Harvard, we tend not to support our athletes enough unless it’s literally The Game. If you go to a tailgate, you can follow all these rules and subsequently have a lot of fun!

  • Be aware of bag restrictions and restrictions for what’s in your bag. Some stadiums have restrictions on the size of your bag and what you can bring in. So, check the rules before you get to the stadium in order to avoid losing your things.

  • Bring a little food. Just in case the food is not what you want, can eat, or is too expensive, bring a little snack just in case. Energy bars are very helpful in battling hunger. (It also helps to have some food in your stomach to soak up the alcohol that potentially could be entering your system.)

  • If you plan on drinking and know they won’t have the options you want, bring your own alcohol if the stadium allows! #BYOB

  • Bring your cards, license/ID and debit/credit card required. This way, you have an identifier and a way to buy things, whether food or swag. If you cannot bring a debit/credit card, carry a bit of cash!

  • You will want to take selfies, put on filters, send Snapchats, and post about how “lit” the tailgate is. A dead phone will prevent you from doing all of those things, so make sure your phone is fully charged! And, if you know you may run out of battery, then bring a portable charger… that’s fully charged too!

So then, are you ready for Harvard-Yale Weekend?