Surviving Back to Back (to Back) Midterms

Midterm season has begun, and is still ongoing, and there’s a high chance that by some diabolical flick of your professors’ wrists, you’re going to end up with midterms back to back--either on the same day, or on days close to one another. As heinous a crime as this is, there’s unfortunately little you can do about it except swallow your discontent, and study hard. Here are some tips for how to survive this trying time.


Start studying early. If you’ve done this, you can probably skip this article. I toast you.



Read HerCampus posts. That’s done. :)


Take a practice exam first for all three, and see where your level is at, and gauge your understanding. Don’t look at the answer key until you have finished.


Know your priorities, and arrange accordingly. If you regard all your midterms equally, it can be easy to end up prioritizing for whatever exam comes first. Make sure you dedicate enough time to the later courses as well. Make a schedule.



Check your progress in the middle, and reevaluate. Take practice exams again, do practice problems, and see how many you can understand/solve.


Make a list of questions to use at office hours, so that you can maximize your time there.


Eat well, sleep well. As exams approach, study whatever subject is immediate the night before, but still take care of yourself.



When it’s all over, make like Cristina Yang, and dance it out.