Student-Directed Plays and Musicals to Look Forward to this Semester

1. Adding Machine: A Musical

Director: Eli Troen 

Leverett Library Theater

March 29– April 1

“With a score ranging from electronic to gospel, Adding Machine is a scathing commentary on society, covering issues from capitalism to existentialism.”


2. As You Like it

Director: Nathaniel Brodsky 

Agassiz Theater

April 26-29

This story of four young people who leave an oppressive court for the wondrous Forest of Arden is Shakespearean comedy at its finest.”


3. Hitched: The First-Year Musical

Director: Phiroze Parasnis

Music Directors: Amanda Gonzalez-Piloto and Manuel Abecasis

Adams Pool Theater

April 20-22

“Word spreads and soon Angie realizes that she has become the leader of a fraudulent marriage cult.”


4. Minatour

Written by Eli Zuzovksy

Directed by Eli Zuzovsky

Loeb Ex

April 6-14

“Minotaur provides a rare glimpse of the souls of Israeli millennials, who were born in an age of great expectations and grew up to witness the collapse of the peace process.”


5. Operation 1600

Writer: Frank Garland

Director: Gregory Lipson

Loeb Ex

March 23 – 31

“When [Dana Balan] finds out that prominent art historian Dr. Edna Landers is claiming that the White House has replaced the real Constitution with a fake copy, she must assemble

a heist team to break into the White House and find the constitution before [Senator] Briggs can destroy it.”


6. Proof

Director: Madison Deming

Loeb Ex

March 2nd – March 9th

“Caught between a newfound connection with Hal, her father’s former student, and the reappearance of her sister, Claire, Catherine finds her world and her mind growing increasingly unstable. When Hal discovers a groundbreaking proof among her father’s notebooks, Catherine claims the proof as her own, forcing the characters and audience to choose whether or not to believe in Catherine’s mathematical prowess and her sanity.”



7. Sketch

Director: Tucker Flodman

Adams Pool Theater

April 2-8

Sketch is a fast-paced SNL-style sketch comedy show. A diverse group of writers and actors from across campus come together to create a hilarious original show. 


8. The Laramie Project

Director: Eli Schleicher

Oberon Theater

April 12-13

The Laramie Project retells the words of Laramie’s residents verbatim, and in their retelling, begins to uncover the prejudices, both loud and quiet, that boil over into violent hate crime.


9. Yeomen of the Guard

Director: Nermin Hasanovic

Agassiz Theater

March 23-April 1

Romance, comedy, and drama ensue in 17th century London in Yeomen of the Guard; or, The Merryman and His Maid!