Spring Trends According to Primark x Her Campus Student Night

Primark, the masterships of hot trends at even hotter (aka cheap) prices. Once a semester Primark has been partnering with Her Campus for a night of fun, fashion, and free gift cards! Yay! I went this semester, as always, and witnessed, in the flesh, this spring’s hot new trends. Don’t worry, I took many pics, as I do, and now you can see (and follow) the hot new spring trends TOO.

So how are looks gonna go down this season? Well, the main color scheme that everything will build off of is BLUE + WHITE:



And built off of that is millenial pink (still going strong as ever):

(even in small floral print, which is definitely a BIG spring mood)


And this season, pink isn’t just millennial anymore. Cooler pinks are gonna be big this season too:


which is being accompanied by what some are calling the new millennial pink: MUSTARD!!!


Which in tern is being accented by red:

Red itself, growing as a hot spring accent color:


Small, usually floral (as previously mentioned), tiny, sometimes even hand-drawn-looking patterns are also a big part of fashion this season:

Especially in neutrals!!!


I know what you’re thinking,

But that’s what makes spring so great!


So that’s it my dudes! I hope you have a swell spring. It’s floral time!