Some Slept On Study Spots at Harvard

Midterms are coming up and you're trying to absorb as much information as possible. You can't study in your room because your bed is too close and looking dangerously comfortable, so you need a place to get things done without falling asleep. Here are some less crowded study spots on campus to get you out of your room and ready to ace that midterm and finish that paper. 

For those who need background noise and coffee to stay awake:

Café Gato Rojo

You can find this café in the basement of the GSAS in the yard behind Grays. It's a small café, so there is background noise, but it's never too overwhelming. They have coffee and pastries including vegan options for when you need a boost of energy. They take cash and crimson cash.  

Cabot Café

This cute café is located in the basement of Cabot House in the Quad. They have cute lights, comfy windowsill seats, and of course, coffee.


For those that need silence because so much as a whisper will throw your study rhythm off:

Lamont Farnsworth Room

This room on the third floor of Lamont makes you feel like you've stepped back into the 70s with its retro decor (Think Love Story vibes) that oddly makes you feel even more scholarly and productive. It's got some gorgeous views of Houghton Library, and Lamont Café is right downstairs if you need some Pete's coffee to keep you up (and they take BoardPlus.)

Pfoho Library

Located in Comstock Hall of Pforzheimer House (Pfoho), this library could rival Widener in terms of the noise level. You can hear a pin drop in this library, and if you need a late-night break you can always hit up brain break in the Pfoho DHall for coffee and bagels.

For those that would like some quiet, but also hate being confined:


There are various spaces in the SOCH perfect for studying, but the conference rooms are perfect if you need to do group work or if you need a space that doesn't force you into silence. Plus, the big glass windows don't make it feel too stuffy or confined.

Weld Solarium

This room is located on the top floor of Weld Hall and has AMAZING views of Harvard Yard. It has tables and couches for working and Weld Basement has vending machines for any late-night snacks you may need. Since the sun shines right into this room and warms it up, it's the perfect place to be as the temperatures start to cool, and have I mentioned THE VIEWS.

Here's to wishing everyone luck on midterms and hoping y'all find your perfect study spot!