Shopping Week In 10 Gifs

1. The night before when you build an extensive schedule of the 15 classes you want to shop.

2. The alternative: desperately looking for one tolerable class to shop


3. Waking up at 8:30 and deciding to go back to sleep bc shopping a 9 am elective is REALLY NOT WORTH IT


4. Getting to your first class and realizing you are somehow 15 minutes early, and need to look like you meant to be there at that time


5. Alternative: walking into your first class 5 minutes late and turning bright red when the professor yells “there’s space in the front”


6. When you get to lunch and your friend begs you to shop a class that is the complete opposite of anything you would ever be interested in taking

7. 15 minutes into the class when you realize it’s horrible and make eye contact with your friend


8. When you look at all of the syllabi for all of the classes you are shopping and realize how many readings you were expected to do for the class on the first day


9. Already tired of this on day two


10. But when you finally find that perfect class for you, and you’re ready to take the semester by storm