Quick, Random List of Things You’re Sleeping On: Brazil Edition

Brazilian steakhouses may be great and everything, but you should try a real taste of Brazil. Sure, it might be hard to have the authentic thing when you’re so far from Brazil, but in a lot of big cities, you can find some really good Brazilian food. Here are some of my favorites from Brazil, which includes snacks, desserts, and a main dish. 

Coxinha. Chicken-lovers can appreciate this one, but so can every other meat-eater! These deep-fried joy bundles are crispy outside and, when made right, soft and almost mushy inside. Usually, inside there’s a delicious mix of chicken, cheese, and a little bit of spice. In Brazil, you can get these at little kiosks by the subway or full restaurants. They’re so good (but maybe less good for you)!

Brigadeiro. This little dessert is truly scrumptious and is made with only a few ingredients. As someone with nut allergies, I also appreciate its simplicity and richness. If you love chocolate, you’ll probably love this. Even if you don’t, the contrast of texture between the sprinkles outside and the soft, candy-ish inside will reel you in.

Pão de queijo. These bombs of cheesy goodness remain unmatched. Imagine balls of bread that didn’t have obvious cheese inside, but the cheese was there in the scent of the bread and its altered texture. These are so delicious and so dangerous for that reason. Made relatively bite-sized, it’s easy to pop your stomach full of bread and cheese without realizing. 

Feijoada. This dish is traditional, and it has roots in slavery in Brazil. This stew of beans, beef, and pork—often served with rice and farofa—is Brazil’s national dish. Apparently, slaves would use pork and other meat leftovers with black beans to make this savory dish. You can find feijoada with a bunch of variations in the specific parts of the animals used, from bacon to pig feet. Still, I think it tastes great! 


Trust me in these recommendations! Luckily, in many big cities, you can find Brazilian food, like Muqueca Restaurant near Harvard Square. Whether you’re not in a big city or like cooking, there are plenty of recipes online too!