Quick, Random List of Things You’re Sleeping On: Argentina Edition

Google and everything are great, but word of mouth is sometimes better. In case you weren’t going to go searching for these Argentine gems, here they are conveniently listed on a page: a list of things you’re probably sleeping on. 

Alfajores. Calling all sweet-tooths! These cookie sandwich bundles of joy tend to have dulce de leche (to be discussed later!) inside two little cookies. They’re always covered in something—whether it’s white chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut, or much more—but I think anything covered in chocolate is some kind of Heaven. In my opinion, they’re best with black coffee! Look for the Havanna kind.

Mate. Not like the verb, this is a type of tea, and you say it more like mah-teh. If you love caffeine like me, this is something you need to try. Essentially, you put the special tea leaves into a mate cup, pour over hot water, drink with your (metal) mate straw, and repeat. When picking your mate cup and straw, you have a lot of stylish and beautiful options, which people may appreciate lots if you share your mate! 


Dulce de Leche. You’ve probably had caramel, and this is a kind of caramel, but it hits way different. In Argentina, it’s very easy to find cup-sized containers full of this golden goodness that can be spread on bread, plopped on flan, dripped over ice cream, or stuffed into the bottom of a cone. Get creative! It may be a little harder to find in some areas in the US, but it’s not hard to make! 


It’s a pretty globalized world, but there’s so much we sleep on because we can’t know everything. Next list coming up: Brazil edition!