To Pool or Not To Pool

Avoid being in that situation where you’re running late to a hair appointment, stuck in an Uber/Lyft/other applicable ridesharing app, waiting for a MIRACLE ever again! That miracle won’t come honey, because you pooled on a time limit. Don’t make that mistake again. Read this NOW:


1. Going to a doctor’s/dentist appointment, short on time:


Even if the best time works, take into account that the “at the latest” time is very possible. Function under the assumption that that is your time.


2. Going to a doctor’s/dentist appointment with a LOT of time to spare:


If you got the time, save the dime (but ONLY if you truly got the time).


3. To/from the quad/yard.


It’s such a short ride, unlikely anyone out of the way will join. If you were joined, it would be with people that were probably at the same party you were at. Litty.


4. Drunk and with a friend:


Remember to look out for one another, but also not annoy the driver/other riders with ya drunk foolishness. If you know you won’t be able to behave yourself around other passengers, then NO POOL.


5. Drunk alone:

FIND A BUDDY, THEN MAKE BEST JUDGEMENT. Ladies, please don’t travel alone under the influence. Sadly, things can still go wrong, and even an Uber can’t prevent an unsafe situation ☹️.


6. To airport:

NO POOL (see #1)


7. From airport.

Some airports don’t allow pool (@logan 🙄) but if they do, save that coin bb #POOL.


8. To party/club:

POOL. Ensures you might be fashionably late 💁.


9. From party/club:

If you get down like I do, you’re gonna be hot, sweaty, and need space. NO POOL.


10. Dinner with reservations:

NO POOL (see #1 again)


11. Dinner without reservations



12. Going to or from the medical area bc you missed the M2 and you’re short on time:


I have done this route many times. It guarantees that on your way to Longwood you with get 3-5 riders in and out on your way to your destination. There WILL be delays. These are facts.


13. Going to or from the medical area bc you missed the M2, lax on time:


I feel like this is a very environmentally friendly ride bc your pool will be guaranteed packed. It’ll be a cozy carpool like back in the good old days. Do a solid for mother earth. Pool.


14. The T is experiencing delays.


Honestly, on a bad T day, everyone who can is Ubering/Lyfting. This means that (1) traffic will be BAD, (2) Uber’s are gonna be getting snatched left and right, and (3) Uber’s are gonna slow to catch. I’m not a mathematician so I can’t figure out whether a no pool with a longer wait but no stops is gonna be any better than a pool with less wait but more stops, so use the time estimate on your phone and hope for the best. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.


15. To my house in Boston:

Mama I’ll give you a ride 😘.


Me if you don’t read this article and then complain about an Uber driver even though it’s YOUR OWN FAULT that you made the wrong ride decision (ridecision??).