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An Open Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,

Honestly, I didn’t know if you were coming this year.  Until a few weeks ago, black ice and weekly blizzards had become a fact of life, and I had given up hope that I would ever see flowers or be able to leave my dorm without a jacket again.  I had resigned myself to the idea of a lifetime of winter and darkness, Game of Thrones-style.

But then one morning I heard birds outside my window, and a few days later daylight saving time started and suddenly the days seemed much longer.  Daylight lasts longer and longer every day now, and according to the calendar, Spring, a few days ago you officially arrived.  I didn’t think it was possible, but winter is finally over.
Welcome to Harvard, Spring!  We really needed you.  You make 9 AM walks to class a lot less heartbreaking.  You let us wear fun, cute shoes and dresses (I love my Bean boots and my leggings, but at this point we really need some space). You fill us with energy and optimism. You let us have class outside. You make going out for ice cream fun again. You remind us that summer is coming, and there is a light at the end of the tunnel of papers and exams. Most importantly, you make living at Harvard more fun and remind us how beautiful our campus is (once your whole rain-and-mud phase is over, that is). So thanks for coming, Spring! And enjoy your stay. I know we will.
Thawing Harvard Students
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