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The Oh Comadre Candle Scents You Need This Fall

Libra and Scorpio season aka Fall is fast approaching, so you're definitely in need of some new fall scents. What better way to get some interesting fall scents than by supporting a small, Latina-owned business while you're at it.

Oh Comadre Candles is a Latina-owned scent business based in Downey, California. The soy wax candles are hand-poured by owner Marcella Gomez. She has many fun scents from Gummy Bear to Michelada, but here are nine scents you can buy to spice up and spook up your fall season.

A Classic: Pumpkin Pie




You can't go wrong with pumpkin-scented anything, so getting this scent is a no-brainer.

For When You Got the Sniffles: Vicky's Vapo-Candle



A play on the Vicks VapoRub name, this candle smells just like when your mom would say "sana, sana colita de rana." Fall is the beginning of cold and flu season, so grab yourself this candle to clear your sinuses right up.

For Coffeeshop Vibes: Un Cafecito



If it's getting too cold to trek out of your room to your favorite coffee shop, just light this candle and let the coffeeshop vibes envelop you.

Childhood Nostalgia: Abuelito Hot Chocolate



Another play on words with the name, this candle is scented like the Classic Chocolate Abuelita that Latinxs grew up drinking. Light this candle up to be transported back to your abuelita's kitchen in 2005.

Spooky and Fruity: La Araña 



This 3-wick candle smells like berries and has a cute little cartoon spider on it. Perfect for setting spooky Halloween vibes.

Cute and Spooky-Sweet: Until We Melt Again




This candle is for lighting when you're cuddled up with bae during this cuffing season. It's a sweet candle that smells like marshmallows and vanilla with a hint of wood notes. 

For the Art: La Llorona



This beautiful candle was a collaboration between Oh Comadre and artist Rafael Jimenez. The artwork is of a colorful catrina, a figure associated with Dia de los Muertos. The candle is a lively scent of melon, vanilla, and musk.


For the Name: Tales from the Comadre When: Chisme Kills!



Comadres always have the best chisme, so light this melon and strawberry candle up next time you have your besties over for chisme and smells that are to die for. 


Visit: ohcomadrecandles.com to learn more and to find more scents you’ll love.

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