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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

As someone who likes to work out and who also appreciates the aesthetic of athleisure, I’ve spent a fair amount of time looking for the cutest workout clothes that I can wear to the gym and then rock around town afterwards. 

A lot of the time, I’ve had to go with form over function or vice versa (note: mesh leggings, while very sleek and fashionable, are not comfy enough for a long run. They will itch and be hella distracting the entire time). This means that most of my go-to workout clothes have consisted of comfy cotton tees and plain black leggings. 

No longer.

Simone Huemer

The Sweaty Betty Contour Workout leggings have been the answer to my quest. I do not exaggerate when I say that these are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. They’re silky smooth and are so thin that they’re almost weightless on your skin. They’re great for a long run, but they would also work for something like yoga, where you have to stretch and contort. 

What sets them apart, for me, is the fit and patterning. I have two pairs, in a pink patterned color scheme (pictured above) and then the same in blue. I love the pattern because it makes for a nice addition to a non-workout outfit (I frequently throw them on with a sweater and pair of mules, as pictured here). Aside from the cute pattern, the lightweight material makes them cling really flatteringly to your body (hence the “contour”) and highlight the shape of your legs. 

To be fair, Sweaty Betty isn’t cheap. It’s worth waiting for a sale, though. I picked up my two pairs at a warehouse sale in NY where they were marked over 50% off, and Sweaty Betty also frequently has really generous sales (they’re doing 50% off right now!)

Simone Huemer

Harvard '20

Simone is a senior at Harvard College studying Social Studies. In her free time she likes running, listening to an eclectic collection of music, and taking long walks around the city.
I am a senior at Harvard College studying Applied Mathematics with a specialization in Economics, and I am planning on getting a language citation in Spanish. I am currently a co-president and campus correspondent of Harvard's chapter of Her Campus! I am also a committee chair of a student organization that works with University Health Services called HealthPALs (Peer Advisors and Liaisons). Additionally, I am a member and co-director of service in OAASIS (Organization of Asian American Sisters in Service). Apart from that, I spend a lot of my time as a Learning Lab Undergraduate Fellow at the Harvard Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning. I am also the co-founder of a project at the Office of Diversity of Inclusion at Harvard. I am super passionate about math, health, and higher education! In my free time I love to work out, experiment with makeup and fashion, visit museums, and try new foods!