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Midterm Survival Kit

You know it’s midterm season when you can’t walk into a single d-hall past nine p.m. without feeling a suffocating wall-to-wall tension. The fear of failure (which means anything below a B+) has manifested itself into an inescapable gloom, hovering over campus and haunting every hour of sleep. Fortunately there are a few things that can save you from a nightmarish midterm season.



1. Red Bull! Red Bull is literally my BEST Friend, and the best part about it is dynamic personality. Sometimes it’s basic blue, other times passionately red, and now it can even be mellow yellow! It’s also very versatile: you can drink it in the morning, before an afternoon class, or during your inevitable all-nighter.



2. Your own delivery system. What I mean by delivery system is a list of places that deliver into the wee hours of the morning. My personal favorites–but perhaps not the healthiest choices in the world–are Dominoes and the Kong (which delivers until two a.m. on weekdays)!



3. Water! Stay hydrated; you don’t want to end up in HUHS for something silly like forgetting to replenish 78% of your physical composition.



4. Power Bars. If you’re lanything like me then you’re keeping terrible sleeping hours. That is, you often sleep during d-hall hours.



5. Rewards. These can vary from a candy you’re obsessed with (like sour powers) or the promise of wine and cheese with the besties!  Have something fun planned to incentivize work.

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