Midterm season in GIFs

It’s already past halfway in the semester, and I don’t know how we got here. Midterm season is upon us, and I feel like once it starts it kind of never ends? If that doesn’t make sense, let me try to say it with GIFs.

  1. 1. The first midterm comes out of the blue, but you’re not worried because it’s fine.

  2. 2. The first midterm has fully come out of the blue, and you realize you will probably not be fine and need to start getting ready stat.

  3. 3. School is hard and you should have started studying earlier, but what can you do now but study, study, study?

  4. 4. Your playlist is bumping. You’re excited. You’re motivated (especially by this epic Normani move).

  5. 5. Oops—maybe with classes and studying you missed a meal, so you pile on the pasta at dinner.

  6. 6. The midterm is close.

  7. 7. The midterm is over.

  8. 8. You thought you were done, but there are more to come. Repeat!