Meet a Girl in a Long Distance Relationship on Valentine's Day

How long have you and Justin, your boyfriend, been together and how did you meet?

Justin and I have now been together for exactly four years, from the beginning to end of my entire time in college. We actually met when I was dating my high school boyfriend, and insisted we would just be friends. We saw how that turned out. Anyway, we met in our college Latin dance team my freshman year!

Is this your first valentines apart?

It’s not our first Valentine’s Day apart, but is the first one that we aren’t seeing each other immediately before or after. In the past, depending on when Valentine’s Day falls that year, I could be away that weekend for an annual dance workshop. In that case we try to celebrate the following weekend, which is nice because then things are discounted and restaurants aren’t nearly as over booked. But, as I said before, this is our first Valentine’s Day where I’m not just gone for a weekend, but we haven’t seen each other in a few weeks, which oddly enough made it harder. I think it just added to already missing him, and then not being together for vday just elevated that sadness, even though we’ve been apart for VDay before.

How do you make the distance work?

We’ve been together so long and didn’t start the relationship apart, it almost feels like we’re on just long trip away from the other person. We talk every day, whether it’s by text or phone calls, and know what’s happening throughout the other persons day. We also try to take advantage of every free weekend, extra cash, and opportunity that will bring one of us to the others city. I also don’t label us as a “long distance relationship” because I feel like there’s automatically a negative connotation, and that’s not us, this is just our current situation, it’s not like we know will be in this situation forever.

How did you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year, despite the distance?

We made a point to find time to talk on the phone and FaceTimed until we fell asleep. Our plan is to actually celebrate next weekend (week after VDay ) when I am back in his city, the plan is to try a new restaurant!