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La Oaxaqueña: A Go-To For All Things Mexican in Boston

Have you been craving pan dulce? Do you need to stock up on Mexican candy or buy a piñata? Look no further than La Oaxaqueña Convenience Store in Revere.

This Latina, family-owned business is run by Felipa and her family who are from Oaxaca, Mexico. They sell all the essentials from Mexican homemade foods to goods from Latin American brands. They stock Caprice shampoo, Bimbo products, and Fabuloso in your favorite scent. 


They also sell homemade food like guacamole, chicharrones preparados, Helados caseros (homemade ice cream) and my favorite: mangoneadas. 


One of the unique aspects of La Oaxaqueña is that they also sell traditional Mexican clothing, decor, and housewares like molcajetes, mugs, and even tortilla presses.  


These are just a FEW of the products available at La Oaxaqueña. They have so many products that even though the store is small, you could spend hours just looking at all the products that remind you of home. 

What I love most about la Oaxaqueña is the atmosphere. La Oaxaqueña is frequented by the Latinx community of Boston and if you identify as Latinx, it brings a sense of comfort to be shopping amongst members of your community, especially when most of the time we're confined within the university bubble. The store brings back memories of the convenience stores back home, and Felipa and her family are amazing and will make sure that you have the best experience using their products and shopping at their store. 

La Oaxaqueña is a bit far from Harvard's campus but is accessible by public transportation or by a short uber ride. For more information about La Oaxaqueña check out their Facebook page: