Jane the Virgin: Gone but Not Forgotten

If you had come into my room in Pfoho this summer on the last night of July, you would’ve seen me lying on my bed, crying tears of joy and sadness while watching the 100th and final episode of my favorite show ever, Jane the Virgin. For those of you who don’t know, Jane the Virgin is an American telenovela on the CW network that follows the life of 23-year -old Jane, who is accidentally artificially inseminated by her lady doctor. Thus, Jane becomes pregnant even though she’s never had sex because of her Catholic faith, which has been drilled into her from a young age by her loving yet stern grandmother. Telenovelas, which are Latin American soap operas, are known for their drama, mystery, and romance; Jane the Virgin effortlessly combines all of these elements, along with comedy, crime, and history, to create an amazing, multi-generational story of love, family, and destiny.

Although the show has now come to an end, all 5 seasons are available on Netflix, and I can assure you that even though I’ve watched the series all the way through twice already, I will be watching it again. It’s those good people. It is truly the most entertaining show that I’ve ever watched; there is never a dull moment in Jane the Virgin. There’s always a surprise, a cliff hanger, or a plot twist. But in addition to this, the show is extremely heartfelt. Family is a core theme in the show; we see Jane, who lives with her mother and her grandmother, navigate through the crazy situations of her life with them always by her side providing support. And as her family grows throughout the course of the series (in more ways than one), the love and support only grow with it. During my four years watching Jane the Virgin, I’ve experienced all sorts of emotions; I’ve cried tears of sadness and joy, I’ve felt excitement and anger, I’ve been shocked and elated. This show will take you on an emotional roller coaster, but I assure you it’s worth it. There is no show that does it better. 

I may be a little bit biased when talking about Jane, but it is truly an incredible show; 11/10 would recommend to you, your mom, your kids, your grandpa, your aunties, anybody you know! I don’t know if the CW or any network will be able to top Jane the Virgin, but I will definitely be looking forward to future projects from Gina Rodriguez, Justin Baldoni, and the other actors in the show that I’ve grown to love over the years. I assure you; you’ll love them too.