An intro to collagen supplements, from Lillian, Ashley and Allegra of Further Food

Collagen is the latest buzzy supplement on the health food market and something that we’ve been hearing about quite frequently. So, we decided to do some research into what exactly collagen is, how you can incorporate it into your diet, and the benefits of this ingredient. To help us with our understanding, the founders of Further Food, a clean and holistic health food startup, gave us some insight into collagen’s healing properties. Read our interview with co-founders Lillian, Ashley and Allegra below!


How did you get started with your business?

3 women started Further Food after using real food to heal chronic illness in their lives. We originally started with a mission of creating an online educational platform for food based healing solutions. 2 years ago, based on requests from our health focused community, we launched our whole food supplement product line. We’ve used the insight and expertise of our health experts to develop high quality, clean products, without any fillers or additives, at affordable prices. Our products are reviewed by a carefully selected panel of health experts including naturopathic doctors, master herbalists and registered dietitians.

Today, we are proud to be women owned and operated business, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to chronic illness non-profits.

What are some of your best-selling products and their benefits?

Further Food Collagen Peptides: Our first and most popular real food supplement, Further Food Collagen is made with the highest quality ingredients. Our bovine collagen is sourced from grass fed and pasture raised South American cows, and our marine collagen is sourced from wild caught cod from the North Atlantic. Supplementing with collagen has a variety of skin, gut and bone health benefits that can help people of all ages.

Turmeric Tonic: An anti-inflammatory healing blend of organic turmeric, superfoods (ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper), and adaptogenic herbs (boswellia and schisandra berry) that makes a delicious chai spiced Golden Milk or Turmeric Tea. The combination of these immune-boosting ingredients can help reduce joint pain and reduce inflammation.

Mindful Matcha: This delicious green tea blend combines organic Matcha with brain boosting superfoods, cordyceps mushrooms and ashwagandha. Drinking Mindful Matcha can help boost energy and focus, promote mental clarity, and increase metabolism (perfect for college students!)

What are some of the benefits of drinking Further Food collagen?

Starting as early as our 20s, our body’s natural supply of collagen starts to decrease. Luckily, supplementing with Further Food Collagen can replenish this diminished supply, helping to strengthen hair, skin and nails. Additionally, drinking or cooking with Further Food Collagen can help improve digestion and strengthen bones and joints. Our collagen is tasteless and mixes right into any beverage or recipe. Our website contains over 100 recipes with collagen, from bulletproof coffee to baked goods and even nice cream.

Further Food Collagen also contains 7 grams of protein per serving, which helps you feel full for longer and minimizes sugar cravings - making collagen very useful in promoting weight loss.

How you view the future of wellness drinks?

Today’s savvy consumer is both health-conscious and concerned about what is in their health products including wellness drinks. We believe wellness drinks and food based supplements such as Further Food Collagen will continue to be popular, and especially those made with whole food and the highest quality ingredients. We are proud to be establishing Further Food as a trusted and innovative leader in the wellness sphere, with a goal of being at the forefront of this shift to more natural, food based supplements. Stay tuned as we plan to introduce several new wellness drinks in 2019!


We had the chance to try the original Further Foods Collagen Peptides, and we were excited about the changes we saw. The collagen is tasteless and so it can easily be stirred into hot coffee or oatmeal - which were my favorite ways to take it. Further Food sells the collagen peptides in both a tub form and in individual stick packs, which makes it super easy to take when traveling! After incorporating the collagen into my diet for a week, I noticed better digestion and smoother skin. It also was very filling, and I found that I was much less likely to snack on junk food in between meals. I also loved that each serving includes 7 grams of protein, which makes collagen a clean and easy way to get enough protein! If you are thinking about incorporating collagen into your diet for better gut health and skin, among many other benefits, Further Food has a sampler pack for you to try it out!