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Last time, I had a few dining hall hacks involving rice krispy treats, chili cheese hotdogs, “gourmet” egg burgers, and deviled eggs—all things you can make in the comfort of your house d-hall or Annenberg. But, I wasn’t finished. Here’s more!

Buttered parmesan noodles

Perhaps a nutritional low-point, but it’s delicious! Go to the pasta area, scoop some out, dollop butter on top, mix until it’s fully melted, top with lots of cheese and parsley (and other available seasonings), and munch munch.

BBQ fries

I’m from Chicago and we like our fries swimming in sauce, preferably barbeque or mild sauce. Bring this easy switch to your own d-hall routine. Served best with fried chicken also lost in the sauce. Refer to the image above to see how its best done.


I just made that up, thanks. Sugar is really bad for you, and its in so much, a lot of us are addicted to it. If you’re craving something sweet in the d-hall, this alternative is a bit healthier. Mix yogurt with honey (or agave) and top with a nice amount of cinnamon. It’s really very good!

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