How to Stay Warm

Here in the Northeast, we've begun to get hit with quite a few winter storms in a row now. Here's a list of some things to consider picking up if you feel that your winter wardrobe has failed you so far in keeping you as warm as possible. Take our advice, never brave the cold when you can be warm and snuggled up instead!


  1. Uniqlo Heattech

Uniqlo can be great for many basics during the winter, but their most popular items are their Heattech thermal products. Offering base-layers and stand-alone options, these super affordable pieces can be tailored to fit every day of this bipolar winter. Uniqlo additionally makes Heattech knit accessories to keep every part of you warm. Stock up on these items because you will need them for the rest of college. Leggings and tops start at $15. Link:

2. SmartWool Socks

SmartWool socks are warm and durable, not to mention great for making winter boots a little more comfortable. These socks provide a thicker layer between your feet and your boots to reduce blisters when breaking boots in or when walking for longer distances (from the river to Maxwell Dworkin). Unlike regular wool, SmartWool is breathable and specially designed for different activities, to keep your feet cozy and supported. SmartWool offers several cute prints and partners with other companies, like North Face, for even more options. These socks start at $20, but will last far longer than most others. Link:

3. HotHands Hand Warmers

These probably seem dorky, but they are great for people whose hands get painfully sore when the temperature dips below 30 degrees Fahrenheit. HotHands are also a good idea when you go out at night and aren’t bundled up. Stuff one in each pocket and then once you arrive throw them away (@BU girls waiting in line for final clubs) HotHands are individual pockets that heat up when kneaded and last for up to 10 hours Thus, they are actually very cool and practical. 10 packs start at $5. Link: