How to Stay Motivated in the Heat of Summer

Whether it's to maintain your summer fitness goals, focus on your work, learn a new language, or even start a business, it all boils down to some simple tricks to keep you motivated.

Make a schedule. Plan your day to maximize your time. Whether or not you’re a morning person, you can still take charge of your day and finish what needs to be done. There are thousands of cute schedule templates online, and plenty of organizers out there to help you out.

Give yourself a little reward. When you complete a task, indulge with some chocolate, catch up on your show, or find something else to thank yourself for all of your hard work. This gives you one extra reason to want to finish.

Do a little summer cleaning. This one may seem silly, but cleaning up your workspace can really help you feel more focused when you actually work. Making your room or desk more appealing can make you all the more comfortable when working, and give you one less reason to turn away.

Music! Sometimes the right background music really makes or breaks the effort. If I’m studying or doing something that requires a lot of thinking, the study playlists on Spotify come in handy. If I’m doing something that requires me to be active, or doesn’t require a ton of thinking, energetic music and pop playlists keep me going.

Hopefully some of these tips will prove useful to you. And remember, you have the same number of hours in a day as Beyoncé, or any of your faves