How to Be Single on Valentines Day

Okay, so you're single on Valentine's Day.

But that's okay. 'Cus it means you get to wine and dine yourself <3 Here's how:

  1. 1. Dress Up!

    going braless

    Wear something that makes you feel hot, but more importantly something that FEELS GOOD ON YOUR BODY. You're dating you, and you care about that.

  2. 2. Wine and Dine

    chocolate covered strawberries

    Get some Snackpass Poké. Buy some chocolate from Burdick's. Drink some wine as you unwind.

  3. 3. Do Something You've Always Wanted to Do But Could Never Justify Taking the Time to Do It!

    valentine nails

    Bake! Binge-watch a show! Try nail art! Go on a long walk! It'd be so hot if someone took the time to think about what you've said you've been meaning to do, and help you do that! Be hotter!! Do it yourself!!

  4. 4. Get ~Sexy~

    flowers and book on bed

    Yes I mean masturbate, but do it special! Use your favorite toy, method, or even go out and get a toy. Set the scene. Go all out. Dig in until you can't anymore ;)

Boom. You've been Valentinesed. You're welcome.