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How to *Actually* Be a Morning Person

With later class start times and social events scheduled late into the night, it’s no surprise that most college students are not morning people. Waking up for your 10:30am feels downright impossible, and you’re not sure how you ever managed to wake up at 6am every morning in high school for four years straight. If you find yourself hitting snooze and trudging half-asleep to class each morning, then these tips are for you.

1. Find something to look forward to in your morning routine

Creating a morning routine that you actually enjoy doing is key. Whether that’s putting on a podcast, watching a Netflix show, reading a book, or listening to music while getting ready, find a way to reward yourself for waking up. I listen to The Skinny Confidential Podcast each morning while I’m doing my makeup and on my commute to class, and it always makes me feel motivated and inspired to start my day. If you look forward to your morning routine, chances are you’ll be more excited to get out of bed.

2. Make your bed

It’s so simple, yet so many people don’t prioritize making their bed in the morning. It takes less than a minute, and it will make you feel more organized and ready to tackle the day.  Plus, you’ll be less tempted to crawl back into bed once it’s actually made. I recommend investing in some killer throw pillows to liven up your space and make tidying your bed so much more fun.

3. Invest in a sleep tracker app

While this may seem unconventional, investing in a sleep tracker app can actually help you prioritize your sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed in the morning. The app can track your sleep and wake you up at the lightest point in your sleep cycle, so that you will find it the easiest to wake up. There’s nothing worse than jolting out of bed to turn off your violent alarm, so being actively awoken at your lightest point of sleep will be much less jarring, and actually leave you feeling well-rested. I recommend the app Sleep Cycle, which is free! 

4. Eat breakfast

If you’re food motivated, this tip is for you. Find a way to enjoy breakfast and look forward to it each morning, and chances are you’ll be jumping out of bed earlier to ensure you get your favorite belgian waffles or hashbrowns. Adding breakfast to your morning routine will fuel you for the rest of your day and get your brain working first thing, and it can also be a great way to add a bit of relaxation and reflection to your mornings. Reading a book, catching up on the news, or even meeting up with friends over breakfast is a great way to motivate yourself to start your mornings earlier. 

5. Get your blood flowing

The last thing we want to do while we’re still half-asleep is workout (especially in the winter months when it’s cold out), but trust me, it will make you feel so much more energetic and ready to tackle the day. You can go for a more formal workout each morning, or even just do some quick yoga stretches on your dorm room floor. Getting your body moving first thing in the morning will help eliminate any leftover sluggishness you feel from sleep, and the endorphin rush will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. 


Sienna Santer

Harvard '22

Sienna Santer is a 20-year-old college and lifestyle YouTuber originally from California currently living in Hawaii. A sophomore at Harvard University studying Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Psychology, she loves to post videos with her friends, vlogging her daily life and inspiring her subscribers to go out and chase their dreams. An avid believer in pursuing your passion and rejecting the status quo, she wants to serve as a role model for young women and equip them with the tools to find their purpose in life. She plans to run her own company one day, and constantly is inspired by other #girlboss entrepreneurs. When she’s not studying for her next psychology exam, you can find Sienna paging through novels in local coffee shops, sweating it out in a hot yoga class, whipping up some vegan food, or jetsetting on weekend adventures with her friends. She is an avid K-pop fan, an absolute skincare fanatic, and a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. If you want a little peek into her life, you can follow her on instagram @siennasanter.
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