A Host’s Guide to the 7 Types of Pre-Frosh

1. The Cling Wrap

Basically they want to spend the entirety of Visitas with you, no matter how many pre-frosh specific events you recommend to them. You may even end up going with them to some of those pre-frosh events. Hey, they're pretty cool, okay?


2. The Vampire

You know they exist because you let them into your room and told them to make themselves at home, but you have not seen them since. They are back after you go to sleep and leave before you wake up.

Also see: The Turnt


3. The Conqueror

They think that they can conquer the world, and they are ready to start with conquering every event on the Visitas calendar.


4. The Disenchanted

They may choose Harvard but it definitely was not for Visitas.

Also see: The Unrequited Love


5. The Unrequited Love

They came to Visitas to see Harvard, but they already know that they are promised to another. Don’t blame yourself when they opt for another college, nothing you say could have changed their mind. They may not have said yes to the other university yet, but they knew they were emotionally (and scholastically) unavailable before they set foot on campus.

Also see: The Disenchanted


6. The Turnt

They spent the majority of the weekend turning up.

Also see: The Vampire


7. Under Adult Supervision

Basically the opposite of The Turnt. They came to campus with their family. They may not be getting the full gist of college freedom yet, but they do get a second opinion on everything Harvard.