Harvard-Yale at Yale in Gifs

1. Remember last minute to get a bus ticket to Yale.


2. Message that one person you met that one time to ask if you can stay with them.


3. Get doped up on cough drops, DayQuil, and powdered vitamin C to eliminate that cold that you’ve had since midterms started and hope for the best.


4. Get lost trying to find the bus but it’s okay because there’s a huge line and you’ll be waiting forever to board anyway.


5. Drink on the bus.


6. Get nauseous from drinking on the bus and decide that you are never drinking again.

7. Arrive late because of traffic.


8. Drop your stuff in someone’s room and head straight to the tailgate.


9. Get lost trying to find the tailgate because there are two separate tailgates and also a white tent and there’s music and houses and final clubs and fraternities and you’ve never seen so many people in Crimson before in your life.


10. Drink.


11. Take so many photos.


12. Drink.


13. Think everyone’s your best friend.


14. Drink.


15. Miss the game because you drank too much.


16.  Hydrate.


17. Prepare for round two.

18. Hit up Toads.


19. Run into your TF at Toads.


20. Hit up the diner next to Toads.


21. Run into your PAF at the diner next to Toads.


22. Beg Yalies to let you into the dorm you are staying in. Most of them say they don’t have swipe to that building. Finally someone does. Bless them.


23. Sleep on the floor.


24. Enjoy the nutella in Yale’s dining hall.


25. Bus back to Harvard.


26. Start in on all the homework you put off.