Harvard’s Fornication Education Week

Harvard’s 7th annual Sex Week lands this Monday, November 6. Come learn about stuff you can actually use in real life. With more events than ever and with events every day this week, you really have no excuse not to come and get it on… your sex education that is.

If the fact that you have a plethora of free events at your disposal to become super educated about sex isn’t enough, then beware that each of these events will decorate you with free stuff: food and TOYS. And when we say toys, we mean actual, nice toys from Sex Week’s fabulous and generous corporate sponsors.


These events cater to everyone, from engineers, who are super busy all the time, to individuals who have faced being called exotic and things alike due to their ethnicity or race. Each event holds a special significance, and the main takeaway of Sex Week is to be more open to conversation surrounding all sex-related topics. Some key events to check out include Exotification, Sex, and Race; OneLove: Relationships & Communication, and Sticky: A (Self) Love Story.


Follow HerCampus X Harvard this week for recaps on events and pieces on the topics covered. See the schedule for more details! Make sure to like Sex Week on Facebook to stay connected and follow the events best!