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Hair Care Products to Revolutionize Your Routine

The dryness of winter affects a lot, from our skin to hair, so it’s an especially important time to keep moisturized. In terms of your hair, there are several things you can do to preserve its liveliness in the dead of winter, some of which use products mentioned ahead.

Silks: Scarves & Pillow

When catching that good beauty rest, make sure your hair is included in that. Protect it from drying out from conventional pillowcases and wrap it with a silk scarf or bonnet. Alternatively, or in combination, you can use a silk pillowcase to help keep the moisture in your hair overnight. You will notice a huge difference in your hair after consistently doing this, especially for curlier hair!

Scalp Massager/Scrubber

Stimulating your scalp leads to more hair growth, and—let’s be honest—it also feels really good. A scalp scrubber for washing your hair can help stimulate your scalp while thoroughly cleaning it. These little contraptions tend to have silicone teeth and a plastic handle to help you gently clean your whole scalp.


Despite their new reputation as being a VSCO girl staple, scrunchies can be really good for your hair. Because they’re not direct contact with elastic material, they help prevent some breakage. Plus, they’re a lot looser than some hair ties, so they help you retain your natural curl pattern. Bonus if you get a silk scrunchy!  

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