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Guess the Tik Tok Trend from My 3 Second GIFs

I don’t know about y’all but I spend a lot of time on TikTok. Not only do I spend hours scrolling through my “For You Page,” but I also spend a good amount of time making my own videos; I literally have so much fun learning the different dance trends and trying to make them my own. If you’re on Tik Tok as much as I am, you’ve probably seen some of the most popular dances so many times that you’d be able to recognize them anywhere. So, I’ve made a little quiz for ya: below are 10 GIFs of me doing various TikTok dances. See if you can name! that! trend! based on the short clip.

1 (Hint: You may have been doing a different dance to this same song in 2016)



4 (Hint: What’s up Shay! What’s up Lynn!)

5 (Hint: This song is a funny take on a heartfelt classic)



8 (I’d give y’all a hint but I think this one’s the easiest)


10 (Hint: Big racks, they long)



  1. Hit the Quan (song by: iLoveMemphis, dance by: @tdfw.shot)
  2. It’s a Hot Girl Summer Now Pop Y’all… (song by: Nick Thompson & Og Ty, video idea: @juucyj)
  3. Savage (song by: Megan Thee Stallion, dance by: @keke.janajah)
  4. THICK (song by: DJ Chose, dance by: @janeciajanel)
  5. Twerk For Me (song by: Kamillion, dance by: unknown)
  6. WAP (song by: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion, dance by: @itsray.2)
  7. What You Know Bout Love (song by: Pop Smoke, dance by:@willdevane)
  8. Wipe It Down (song by: BMW KENNY, video idea: @rominagafur)
  9. Tap In (song by: Saweetie, dance by: @yodamnmomma)
  10. Outta There (song by: Moe, dance by: @jeanvictorm)


If you were able to name the majority of the songs from these clips…you may just be a TikTok stan like me. Hope y’all enjoyed this little ~quiz~ and if you’re feeling inclined, give me a follow! @kaelinray5 :)


Kaelin Ray

Harvard '22

I'm a junior at Harvard studying Neuroscience with a secondary in Spanish (also pre-med!) from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Here on campus, I'm a captain of the women's club volleyball team, events chair for the Generational African American Students Association (GAASA), and a mentor with the Science Club for Girls. I'm really passionate about working with kids and helping people through medicine; hopefully I'll be able to combine the two someday. Outside of all of that, some of my hobbies are DIY fashion, thrift shopping, photography, and (sometimes) running. Follow me on insta! @kaelin.ray
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