The Goddess of True-Crime Podcasts

True crime podcasts have become one of the most popular podcasts to listen to and most of them revolve around murders or other violent crimes. But what about those of us that want a good true crime without death? Here's where Scam Goddess Laci Mosley's podcast comes in. "Scam Goddess" is a true-crime podcast that focuses on scams and fraud. Host Laci Mosley brings on a special guest each episode to discuss retired scams submitted by listeners and ongoing scams to watch out for and avoid. The bulk of her podcast dives into a historical scam that received lots of media attention.

Here are my top 3 Scam Goddess episodes that made me a member of Scam Goddess's CONgregation.

Each episode is informative and hilarious with Mosley providing a light-hearted commentary and advice that teaches us how to avoid scams ourselves. So join "the CONgregation" and get your fix for true crime (minus the murder).


You can listen to Scam Goddess Podcast anywhere you get you podcasts and here on Spotify: