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Go Greek!

With late nights in Lamont, senior theses deadlines, and midterms, there’s no denying that the time preceding spring break can be stressful.   
So, what’s a girl to do? If Wallaby has anything to say about it, GO GREEK. The Aussie-inspired yogurt company, well known by yogurt lovers across the country for their distinctive brand of low-fat creamy yogurt launched a new line of creamy Greek yogurt available in Whole Foods stores.

Basics– So far there are four fun flavors: blueberry, cherry, honey, and strawberry, each available in 5.3 oz. individual serving containers, as well as plain, which you can purchase in 6 oz. or 16 oz. if you’re a die-hard fan. 
Calories– All are about 140 calories (except honey, slightly sweeter).
Protein– A whopping 12 grams per container. Talk about bang for your buck.
Getting to know Wallaby was truly a pleasure. The texture is terrifically thick and creamy. The taste is interesting and complex. It’s slightly “cheesier” than expected, but with that loveable low fat yogurt-y tang that you can’t get enough of, and the fruit topping balances it out perfectly.
Personally, I don’t like being overwhelmed by sugary-fruity additions to my yogurt, but the fruit is far from fake tasting– my favorite flavor, strawberry, had large pieces of real strawberry mixed in it. The clever two-compartment engineering allows you to determine your own flavor to yogurt ratio. Style points for sure.
And you don’t have to be a Greek to love it. Creamy, delicious, and oh-so nutritious, Wallaby will win over your heart, as well as your stomach. It’s perfectly snack-able, and easy to grab on the go. Instead of loading up on those sugary treats in Lamont Café, treat yourself to some of this delicious yogurt. It might be the boost you need to get through the week until spring break arrives.
Go Greek. Think Wallaby.

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