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Get it Before it’s Gone: the Glossier Pop-Up

Glossier has been a cult favorite for the last few years now, but many, such as myself, have always been hesitant to buy some of their products without being able to try them on in person. Glossier does have a flagship store, but not everyone can/is going to travel just to try on some makeup. That’s why ever since the Glossier pop-up has opened up, the Seaport district itself has been ~poppin~ (But if you play it right, you can avoid the lines!).

The Glossier pop-up is itself a ~whole thing~. The pop-up itself consistes of a set of shipping containers lining the corner of a block in the Seaport. Rooms vary from brows, perfume, skincare, and makeup, in addition to “everything” rooms, an ordering/pickup booth, and a special photo room you’ve probably all seen on instagram already.

In addition to an intricate room set up , they also had a great shopping system.

Every room had panflets filled with every prduct they sell, in addition to merch. As you go from room to room you can check off what you want to order (including discount bundles) and maybe steal a bunch of v cute mini Glossier pencils.​ When you’re done, you can go up to any of the lovely people in pink jumpsuits and order from them off of your list, or go up to the pickup booth and order there (but I reccomend ordering from a person to avoid lines).

The back even has a map guiding you through the systems of rooms (and still manages to also look cute).​

Every room is a perfect photo opportunity, not only because of the great lighting (as you can see in my many unedited photos) but also in their decor and setup (peep me in the perfume room below lol).

The main photo room is usually manned by one of the many jumpsuit peeps, making sure everyone gets a great (and private) photosesh in the big “G” room. The wait outside itself isn’t bad either. The jumpsuit divas are all fun and great to talk to, the Seaport is lovely to look at, and the wall outside of the room is adorably photogenic (as all the walls are) and display a great little plaque:

Once you pickup your orders from the booth, you can be on your way, but I reccomend you take a looksie inside to see all the cute stuff they have to offer! Besides an adorable Boston pop-up sticker, a bag with your name written on it, and an online discount code, your makeup is packed into adorable resealable cusioned plastic pink bags that are too adorable not to keep and re-use!

TDRL; even if ur not gonna buy anything, the Glossier pop-up is a great place to take pics and swatch some cute looks!!

✰ Lupe ✰ Harvard Juior ✰ Insta: @inguadwetrust  
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