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So you’ve scrolled through all your streaming sites and while a raunchy rom-com or bingeing a classic comedy series usually does the trick, you want something more. You’re in the mood for more documentaries, or you’re looking to watch some Criterion Collection selection (some of the best classics). Look no further than Kanopy!

Kanopy is a video platform streaming thousands of documentaries, classic films, and indie movies. It’s the platform to hit up if you’re trying to learn something new and be entertained all at once. It’s your one-stop-shop for advancing your knowledge of classic pop culture.

Access to Kanopy is available through most libraries and universities so if you have a library card or are a college student, then you can get Kanopy FOR FREE!

On the platform, you’ll find almost all the popular A24 films, international films, and docuseries on almost any subject. 

For Harvard students just head to harvard.kanopy.com and sign in with your HarvardKey to get free access to all these films and shows.

Happy watching!

Harvard Senior studying Romance Languages & Literatures and Art, Film, and Visual Studies with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights.
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