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Five Ways to Recover from Halloweekend!

Five Ways to Recover from Halloweekend!


First of all Halloweekend at Harvard basiclly means one thing: Trading in our childhood candy comas for more adult version so when you wake up Sunday afternoon with a massive head ache rember these five things!

1)    Yes you’re most likely very hungover but you’re young and only really get four chances to throw caution to the wind like you just did!

Halloween used to be an excuse to get high off the 50 pounds of sugar and candy that you got when you went trick-or-treating.  Now that we’ve all grown up it has become an excuse to forget the fact that we have two midterms a 10 page paper and a pset due Monday at noon.  This transformation is completely alright just don’t flunk out and all should be great! 


2)    Coconut water + Advil + Coffee

That hangover you’re nursing can be curred with this magical concoction that I should patent.  If it doesn’t work you have permission to call or comment in outrage.


3)    It’s ok that you secretly wished you had gone trick-or-treating instead

Trick-or-treating is less hazardous than the college verison of Halloween, but come on we can always hit up the 24/7 CVS and raid the candy isle if you really want to make up for missing your childhood.



4)    If you didn’t break anything (this includes your high heels) you can successfully declare your weekend a success!

Yes, it has happened before!  I’ve broken a heel on Halloween and have seen others break much for valuable things like their hand (a fight over the last tootsie pop, detrimental), the guy couldn’t do his school work without his eyes waterin up for who knows how long.  Scrapes and bruises are considered payment to the party gods so if you came out of this weekend with only a couple skin deep wounds then you’re doing life right! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

5)    Last but never least it’s alright to cry in remorse for its end!

Alas if you’re reading this it most likely means that our Hallowed Halloweekend is now no more.  You can hear the wails of the students now!  And, no it didn’t rain last night, those puddles lining the cobble stone and streets, those are the tears of sober students morning the fact that they can now no longer walk the streets with cat ears, a tail, and fake blood running out of their mouth and still be socially accepted by their peers.


I hope everyone had a great Halloweekend! Until next time! MWAHAHAHAHA!

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