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Five Things to Do in Boston This Fall That Aren’t Apple Picking

Getting away from the city to pick apples and bask in nature can be great, but if you can’t spare the time (or the car to get there), check out these five equally satisfying autumnal activities to make the best of the season. 

  1. Go to a Farmer’s Market

Boston is full of farmer’s markets, and in the fall they start to fill up with those iconic fruits and vegetables that really signify the changing season. If you want to stay close to campus, check out the market at the Science Center Plaza on Tuesday afternoons, and don’t just stick to produce; When Pigs Fly has a harvest cranberry bread that’s perfect for the cooler weather. Feeling more adventurous? Take a Friday into Boston and head to the Copley Square farmer’s market, where the apple cider donuts will have you forgetting that you haven’t even left the city.

  1. Explore Beacon Hill

Historic Beacon Hill is beautiful any time of the year, but there’s something special about seeing those old brick buildings against the red and gold aesthetic of the fall foliage. Just steps away from the red line, it’s an easy way to take in some of Boston’s most scenic sights. For extra spooky vibes, head there in the few days leading up to Halloween; Beacon Hill really goes all out with the decorations.

  1. Take A Walk to Mt. Auburn Cemetery

What’s spookier than a cemetery? Mt. Auburn has more to offer than a quintessential Halloween experience though. It’s big and walking across the grass and through the trees, you feel like you’ve left the Harvard bubble and are in some remote estate. It really is a perfect spot to take in some foliage without having to go through the drive. As an added bonus, some of Cambridge’s most beautiful houses are on the way there, so the walk certainly won’t be boring.

  1. Visit Sofra Bakery

This one is right next to number 3, so could easily be combined into a whole day trip. Sofra, like a lot of the other items on this list, is amazing all year round. Head to this cozy Turkish café in the fall, however, and you can enjoy a variety of goods made with their seasonal pumpkin jam. Try the pumpkin jam turnover for a spin on pumpkin pie, or, if you’re a pumpkin spice fan, grab a pumpkin jam latte.

  1. Go to Salem

This one is sort of cheating because it’s not technically in Boston. You can get there via the commuter rail, though (and you can be there in under an hour)! Salem is the quintessential fall town. Head there at any point during the month of October, and you’ll see how dedicated they are to their Halloween aesthetic. Whether you’re a history buff or are looking for a real live Halloweentown, Salem is bound to satisfy. Make it there on Saturday, October 19th and find out your fortune at the annual psychic and witches fair.  


Simone Huemer

Harvard '20

Simone is a senior at Harvard College studying Social Studies. In her free time she likes running, listening to an eclectic collection of music, and taking long walks around the city.
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