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Woman Modeling Natural Hair
Woman Modeling Natural Hair
Original photo by Kaelin Ray
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Harvard chapter.

I’m kicking off a new lil series here on HerCampus that I like to call “Five Faves.” Every month I’ll be back with a different set of my “faves” for you all to read about :) so without further ado *cue drumroll* I present my first set of “Five Faves”: my go-to natural hairstyles!

The Wash & Go

Though its name can be somewhat deceptive as there are typically many many steps between the wash & the go, this style is a staple in the natural hair community. I’ve literally watched hundreds of wash & go YouTube videos and can assure you that no two routines are the same. For me, learning how to master the wash & go has been huge in shaping my view of my natural curls and helping me to embrace them :) it’s definitely my #1 go-to style!

The Twistout

One of the reasons I love a twistout is because it’s essentially two hairstyles in one: you can wear your hair in the little twists for a day or two (or seven, if you so please) and then take them out to create a super-defined, frizz-free style that can quite literally last you forever. Though it takes a bit of time & effort to initially do the twists, it’s totally worth it in the log-run & not super difficult to learn at all!

The Cornrows

(If you didn’t make a Tik Tok of your hairstyle transformation, did it actually happen?)

Cornrows are not a style that I do super often but if you want a slightly edgy switch up in your look then they’re definitely the way to go. They do take quite a bit of practice as the parting & braiding can be somewhat difficult to master, but once you get the hang of it the end results are super cool & sleek.

The Space Buns

Space buns are not only super cute & fun but they’re a great way to style your hair when you’re between washes & in need of a fresh, new look. They’re truly ~out of this world~

The High Puff

(High puff, but make it business casual)

Last but definitely not least, I’ve found the high puff (or as some call it  “the pineapple”) to be one of the easiest & most versatile of these styles; you can dress it up, dress it down, pick it out, scrunch it up, slick it down or just leave it be. Wherever you’re going, the high puff can go with you.

Kaelin Ray

Harvard '22

I'm a junior at Harvard studying Neuroscience with a secondary in Spanish (also pre-med!) from the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Here on campus, I'm a captain of the women's club volleyball team, events chair for the Generational African American Students Association (GAASA), and a mentor with the Science Club for Girls. I'm really passionate about working with kids and helping people through medicine; hopefully I'll be able to combine the two someday. Outside of all of that, some of my hobbies are DIY fashion, thrift shopping, photography, and (sometimes) running. Follow me on insta! @kaelin.ray
Harvard Senior studying Romance Languages & Literatures and Art, Film, and Visual Studies with a secondary in Ethnicity, Migration, and Rights.