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Fall Trends According to Harvard Yard Tourists

We are well into fall, and you know what that means!

The tourists of Harvard Yard have changed from their fun casual summer wear into their hottest fall trends. And trust me, these trends are ~hot~. These tourists come from all over the world not only to see our campus, but also to provide us (me) with a stylish global look book. That’s what we are doing today, we are exploring these hot looks of the season.


First up: A bold, flowy, black bodysuit paired with a chunky, bold, platform sandal (best for one of those surprise hot days that randomly pop-up in early Fall)

It’s oddly appropriate for all events, whether you are running late to class or early to a semi-formal. A sheer, black bodysuit and bold sandal SCREAM versatility in an intriguing way that even I have yet to comprehend.


Next up, for those of us that want to look as rich and classy as possible, while putting in the least amount of effort as possible: There’s no combo more 2017-classy than culottes, a wrap/tie blouse, and platform sneakers!

The culottes look fancy and straight off the runway, and the sneakers look like a bold, well thought out statement piece. Only you and I know that this is just glorified sweats.

Now, for the more sensible fashionista: Pair a long statement trench with a comfy jegging! It’s fashionable, it’s functional, and best of all, it’s easy!

Pair with a basic Adidas Originals sneaker for a look that screams “Yes I’m running across Harvard Yard because I am very VERY late, and yes, I am looking fab too.”

And lastly, for a bold and edgy Fall:

BOOM! This look is the trendiest and most NOW look of them all. It’s got everything: big sleeves, statement denim, and an edgy boot. This is some expert level Fall fashion right here. Soak it in like a classic Fall PSL. I know I am.

And that’s it. Go out into the world. Try these hot Fall looks. Live your best autumnal life!


✰ Lupe ✰ Harvard Juior ✰ Insta: @inguadwetrust  
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