Fall Fashion Tips

So, while you were living your best life, things were brewing with Mother Nature. Right about now and all at the same time, fall and midterms creep up on you. Bring out the long sleeves and pack up the florals and chiffon. Here are some tips for tackling fall fashion (and, regrettably, not midterms).

  • Have layers always. This can and should be interpreted two ways. This could mean incorporate visible layering into your outfit, or this could mean always have an extra layer ready for unexpected chills.
  • Choose footwear wisely. This is always true, especially since so much happens in a day, and you and have class, work, and socials all in one day. But, as fall comes and temperatures drop, you want to make sure your feet stay cozy.
  • Use plenty of accessories for function and for fashion. Scarves in the summer are fashionably but functionally silly. Now is the time to whip out all the little additions to your outfits. Of course, during fall you can accessorize with hats and pins on your jackets too. I personally love to accessorize my jackets with pins (and my laptop with stickers but that’s another story). Her Campus has some great pins for sale that go well with jean and military jackets!
  • Savor the last of summer and show that appreciation in your fit. What I mean is wear summer clothes with a touch of warmth protection. For example, where that cami one-piece with a short or long-sleeve shirt underneath. Little touches like this make outfits more fun, still functional, and reminiscent.
  • Earthy colors for the win! Of course, wear the colors you have and want always, but when walking by autumn trees, it’s a nice aesthetic to match them in a way. By wearing earthy colors, you nicely blend into that fall look, and they look good on just about anyone. Go for any shades of brown, green, and blue. But, if you’re a neon type of person, stay bold.