Eating My Way Through San Diego: Mexican Food

Chapter 3 of my San Diego food adventure! 

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For those of you that regularly read my food articles, you know that I am a sucker for spicy food. I love all things spicy, and Mexican food is known for its level of spice. So, the next step in my food journey through San Diego was Mexican food joints. To say that I was blown away is an understatement.

1. Tacos El Gordo

This is my favorite taco chain ever! There are several locations in southern California so be sure to check out one of them! The adobada (al pastor) tacos are to die for. The tortilla is loaded with spiced pork and cilantro. The prices are super cheap, and the portions are huge! Other popular items to try are the carne asada or adobada fries! Best of all, the wait in line in usually less than 5-10 minutes! 

2. Lolita’s Mexican Food

This is another local favorite. The outdoor seating is perfect in San Diego’s perfect year-round weather. I ordered the carne asada fries and rolled tacos. The serving sizes are great for what you are paying. It was delicious and worth every penny. 

3. The Taco Stand Encinitas

Visiting the Taco Stand requires immense patience because there is no doubt you will spend at least 20-25 minutes waiting in line. The menu is available online, and I would definitely recommend that you peruse the menu as you wait. They have a large variety of menu items but the quesadilla al pastor blew me away. The meat was the perfect amount of greasy and perfectly complemented the horchata!