Eating My Way Through LA: Brunch

This summer, I interned in Los Angeles, California. Even though I was only there for 10 weeks, I made it my mission to discover the best (and most Instagram-able) brunch spots in the city! Here are my favorites:

1. Met Her At A Bar

This adorable restaurant was opened by a couple who actually did meet at a bar! They decided to commemorate their fateful encounter by opening a top-notch breakfast and brunch cafe! They are famous for their creative and delicious waffles. So famous, in fact, that they are often frequented by stars such as Camila Cabello. Beware, however, there will be a line and quite the wait to secure a spot for brunch!

2. Blu Jam Cafe

Blu Jam is an LA staple and a must-visit brunch spot! You can avoid the wait by joining the waitlist on Yelp before arriving. Although the menu items are pricier for those of us on a college student budget, the portions are very generous, and the food is absolutely delicious! 

3. JiST Cafe

Located in Little Tokyo in Downtown LA, JiST Cafe is known for their fluffy pancakes. Japanese style pancakes are fluffier than the pancakes you would find at IHOP. They are airy and delicious, and the texture is delightful. However, this cafe has the longest wait yet. Your best bet may be to visit on a weekday. ​But trust me, it is absolutely worth the wait!