Docs are Making a Comeback, and I'm Here for It

I don’t know about you, but I bought my first pair of Dr. Martens boots when I was in 8th grade; they were the classic boots in shiny bright red patent leather, and I was OBSESSED with them. I wore them all the time in the first couple of years I had them. But as they started to become less popular, I started wearing them less and less until my senior year when I decided to finally part with them. 

Pictured here is 9th grade me, sporting my Docs on a slightly snowy November day in 2014:

As I started my first year at Harvard in the fall of 2018, I noticed a few people wearing Docs here and there, but not the bright colored patent leather like the ones I originally had. They were replaced by more of the matte, muted tones: black, burgundy, brown, and the like. 

I was digging this “new era” of Doc Martens, and apparently so were a lot of other people. Consequently, I decided to get a new pair this fall. This time, I went with the Luana Leather Combat Boot in Cherry Red, a much more chill, laidback version of the ones I used to have. Those boots were me in middle school/high school, but these new boots are definitely me in college. They represent the evolution of my style and how times have changed.

Here is me wearing my new Docs before Boston went from fall to winter in 0.2 seconds:

Docs are back and better than ever. But I’m not the only one who’s hopped back on the train. Here a few people you may know who are also fans of these classic boots:

Gigi Hadid:

Gwen Stefani:

Emma Watson:

David and Brooklyn Beckham:

What more can I say? Join the wave.