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The Detox Market Lands in Soho

Green beauty has had a meteoric rise in the last few years. The industry is growing at a 8-10% rate per year, implying a market size of 22B by 2024. Positioned at the forefront of this sector-defining transition is The Detox Market, which was perhaps the first ever retail destination focused on all things clean. Founded 6 years ago in LA by Romain Gaillard, The Detox Market is known for curating the the purest and most sought-after products, based on three key criteria: zero toxicity, highest efficiency, and style. But The Detox Market is not just a mecca for skincare or makeup lovers to shop and discover new all-natural brands, but also for wellness devotees to learn about self-care practices. As an example, I recently attended a Gua Sha workshop put on by Odacite’s Valerie Grandury, which was both an educational and relaxing experience.

The Detox Market’s fanbase has grown at an incredible pace since its inception, and now more retailers are placing a greater emphasis on green beauty, be it mall staples like Anthropologie or Sephora, or new green-focused vendors like Credo or Follain. Sensing this customer demand, Gaillard and his team opened The Detox Market’s first NYC location this September, a beautiful two-story, 2,100-sq-ft brick building at the intersection of Houston and Elizabeth. Inside the store, customers will find over 100 brands – a mix of both old and new – which span skincare, makeup, wellness supplements, and accessories.

Romain graciously showed me around the store at the grand opening event, and as we walked in between the sections of products, he pointed out a few of The Detox Market’s best-selling brands. Tata Harper, he tells me as he points to the green glass bottles on the shelf, was a close friend of his before she started her namesake, cult-favorite brand, so he was able to witness the rise of her business from the very beginning. Amanda Chantal Bacon of Moon Juice was another longtime friend he’d met in LA before Moon Juice expanded nationally, and he’s proud of all that she’s accomplished with teaching the world about superfood supplements.

I ask him to tell me about products he is most excited about, and he reaches for Odacite’s newly launched Green Ceremony Cleanser. The cleanser has an incredibly unique formulation in that it is not a gel, oil, or even a liquid – it’s a dry powder which becomes a foam when mixed with water. He explains that the cleanser is infused with matcha and spirulina, and the high chlorophyll content helps remove impurities while detoxifying the skin. He then gives me a demo on how the powder-to-foam process works at the massive marble sink which lines one wall of the store. The white lettering above the sink says “Detox your Beauty”.

It’s been incredibly exciting for Romain and his team to see the green beauty movement take off on such a macro scale. With this second brick-and-mortar location and a robust online following, Romain is thinking about where to expand next. A Parisian native, he’s been thinking about the European market and planting The Detox Market’s next location in his hometown. After all, Paris is always a good idea.

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