Dealing With Winter Weather, Again

It’s that time of the year where it’s rainy and cold, but at least it’s not snowing. Then, right after thinking that, it’ll be snowing by tomorrow. Meanwhile, it’s dark before you get out of class and your skin routine is suddenly not working the same. It’s time to deal with the inevitable change of seasons, and here are some tips.

Take (new) charge of your skincare

The cold strips your skin of a lot of moisture you need to keep that glow. If you notice lots of dead skin starting to show up, make sure you exfoliate and amp up the moisture in your routine! This could mean more serums, more cream, or increasing frequency of moisturizing. Make sure you take to nip the dryness in the butt!

Layer up or freeze

Freeze may be extreme, but you will be very cold if you don’t layer up enough. Not only does layering help you stay warm and contain your heat, but it makes it easier to wear what’s right per environment. Between outside, a cold classroom, and a warm one, you need to be ready in three different ways. Think about a shirt, sweater, big jacket, and, maybe, a scarf. Add and remove as needed!

Find light to be happier

Light has so much power on us, especially sunlight, and there’s nothing that can compare to it. Sunlight gives us more than Vitamin D, but it affects our emotions. Seasonal affective disorder is a form of depression related to season changes, and it tends to affect people in the winter. You cannot replace the sun but perhaps look into purchasing a light therapy lamp. They have been shown to be helpful for some!

Keep taking care of your body

It’s cold and dark all the time, which can impact motivation in adverse ways. Keep up with taking care of your body by maintaining physical activity and hydration. When it gets cold, it’s easy to walk less and sit around keeping warm more. Plus, because of the weather and accompanying changes, we often experience less thirst, which can lead to dehydration. Make sure you’re physically active via one of Harvard’s many gyms or house gyms and are drinking water!