Coppélia at the Boston Ballet: A Fantasy Come to Life!

Last week, Lupe and I, the Harvard Campus Correspondents were invited back to the Boston Ballet once more, this time to see George Balanchine’s Coppélia. I cannot stress this enough: this ballet is a must see! The show will run from March 21-31, 2019 at the Boston Opera House (soon to be named Citizens Bank Opera House). Don’t miss it!

      Coppélia is truly a fantasy come to life. This ballet is about a mad inventor, his life-like mechanical doll creation, a young man who wants to romance the doll, and a young woman who saves the day through her clever tricks. This romantic performance is lighthearted and funny, with the audience laughing at the foolish antics of the characters. Balanchine’s choreography is a perfect match for Leo Delibes’ delightful score.

In the first act, we are introduced to the inventor Doctor Coppélius and his life size doll, Coppélia. The villagers are clearly perplexed and intrigued by the doll, especially Frantz, who fancies her. His other love interest, Swanilda, is our female protagonist, and she is jealous and curious about Coppélia.

The next two acts show our two protagonists and their tactics to discover love and the truth about Coppélia. On their way to happily ever after, there is poison, mistaken identity, and charming flirtation.  On opening night, Misa Kuranaga danced Swanilda, and her cheerful, playful performance won the whole audience over. Franz was danced by Derek Dunn, and his confidence and charisma radiated from the stage. The chemistry between Kuranaga and Dunn was undeniable!

In act 3, there is a wonderful celebration during which Swanilda and Franz marry, and there are spectacular performances by the other soloists. Work, prayer, war, peace, dawn, and other golden hours are celebrated. The costumes and choreography were enchanting, and the ending was unforgettable!

This ballet is completely charming, funny, and romantic! You do not want to miss it!