Career Tips For the Budding (and Professional) Adult

In your junior and senior year especially, there will be an abundance of internships, jobs, fellowships, programs, and more that you’ll be able to apply to, interview for, be accepted to, or, perhaps, be rejected from. And there are many nuances in between. Here is some wisdom gathered from wise women

  • With work opportunities, no can mean not now instead of no forever. There are things going on internally that you may be clueless about which makes an opportunity a great fit, just not now. Don’t give up! And, definitely, don’t get mad and burn bridges.

  • It is helpful to experience things you don’t enjoy. If you’re worried you wasted time or will waste time, learning you don’t like something actually leads to insight about what you may like. This could get you going on a more relevant path or journey instead. Win!

  • Make connections and build relationships because you have the power and wisdom to share and to receive. Not only can these relationships—like mentorship, where both parties teach and learn—be intellectually stimulating but they can lead to opportunities later! Having an extra person looking out for you never hurts! 

  • The ratio of no’s to yes’s vary per industry. And, in some industries like entertainment, it’s a lot higher. Push on!