The Best Tteok-bokki in Boston

My favorite food in the whole world is tteok-bokki! Tteok-bokki (sometimes spelled dukbokki) is a popular Korean dish made out of spicy rice cakes stir-fried in a rich and spicy red sauce. Sometimes it is made with fish cakes and vegetables. It can also come with a variety of toppings such as ramen, and most popularly, cheese!

Here are some of the best places to order tteok-bokki in Boston!

1. BBQ Chicken (Boston): They recently renamed to BBQ Olive Chicken, but their tteok-bokki remains deliciously unrivaled. The level of spiciness may be a bit high for those who are unaccustomed to spicy foods but it's perfect for spicy food lovers like me! This tteok-bokki comes with fish cakes, cabbage, and half an egg. You can add cheese as a topping for only $1 extra! This is my absolute favorite and go-to place to order spicy rice cakes.

2. Kayuga: Although Kayuga is a bit pricier than other restaurants, they are also more authentic than most. Their tteok-bokki is not as spicy but it comes loaded with veggies like onions and carrots. It comes with fish cakes and glass noodles, but most importantly they serve it with dumplings on top!  

3. Koreana: This Korean BBQ joint is a favorite for Harvard students since it is so close to campus. But K BBQ is not their only attraction, their tteok-bokki is fantastic as well! Unlike most tteok-bokki dishes I have tried, this one comes with bell pepper, which turns out to be an excelllent addition! I recommend this location for those who have a lower spice tolerance. Their tteok-bokki is sweeter than it is spicy!