Bed Head by TIGI - 72 Hours in Style

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One of the many perks of writing for Her Campus is getting free things! Yay!

Most recently they provided us with a line of hair products from TIGI Bed Head!!!

It consisted of 3 sprays, MASTERPIECE, HARD HEAD, and DIRTY SECRET (a dry shampoo).


Let’s talk about my hair cut and type first. I have rather straight, slippery hair, cut into an asymmetrical-long-on-top-shaved-on-the-bottom-and-sides-pixie. Not the average haircut, and it’s even quite new to me, so I’m still learning how to style it.


Day One:

Here was my hair in the morning:

Please find it in your heart to excuse my bare face, as that is how it will be in most of these photos.

Day one I decided to dive in right away with the MASTERPIECE Massive Shine Hairspray. Usually shine isn’t something I go for because my hair is already shiny enough, and what it really needs is more hold to it.  But I was already having a pretty good hair day. I just needed something to keep it that way, and the spray toted that it could “Turn your hair into a work of art…that lasts all day! Massive Shine, Serious Hold!! Voila!”

Right after application, this is what I my hair looked like:

At 12:10 in the afternoon I was ready to start my day (#justcollegethings?) and my hair was definitely on point and ready to start the day too!


Things that happened on this day:

  • One of my roommates randomly complimented my hair for the first time in months

  • My best friend’s roommate greeted me saying, “Wow, your hair looks great!”

  • My hair smelled fresh and mellon-y all day long

Things that didn’t happen on this day:

  • Hair didn’t fall into my eyes out of nowhere

  • I didn’t have to switch into a man bun halfway through the day

  • My hands weren’t covered in pomade by the time I was out the door, like they usually are

In fact, you guys, the hold was SO GOOD, this is what my hair looked like at 9:30 pm, after walking in the wind to dinner and then working out for an hour in my room:

I know. I’m honestly just as shocked as you are. It held through 9 hours of brute force. It was, in one word, a masterpiece. (Get it? Haha!)


Day Two:

I woke up to the sound of winds gusting and leaves rustling outside my window, and at that moment I knew that it was a MAX HOLD kind of day. I then looked in the mirror and saw my hair:

In all, not a bad hair day, but I had a weird tuft that WOULD NOT STAY DOWN. Thus, it was the day to try out HARD HEAD Hard Hold Hairspray. This is some no-nonsense stuff, people! The tiny label on the back reads, “Why not be hard headed? Use Hard Head Spray for relentless hold and control. Dries instantly. Be bold. Defy gravity. The more you use, the harder it gets”. WOWZA.


So because of the strong “hold” language, I knew that this would be the job, but I would have to be cautious not to overdo it. Here is what my hair looked like, fresh done:


My hair, being adequately plastered to my head without looking too helmet-y by 1:15pm, could weather anything, and it did!


I ran straight to the dining hall from my room and ran into a friend (who I actually took to Her Campus College Fashion Week, and is featured drinking a Spindrift with me in my article about the event), who immediately complimented my very professional looking ‘do. It was a great start to a day of spectacular hair stability.


It was so stable, in fact, that here is my hair at 11:24 pm WITH PINS:


And here is my hair 10 minutes later WITH THE PINS TAKEN OUT:




Now there was a hair that fell into my face (you can point it out in the first end of day photos, but I think that is because I aired A LITTLE TOO MUCH on the side of caution. Will I be bolder next time? Is that a dare? ;)


Day 3:

Today I wanted the elusive “flexible hold” for my hair. Mornings after I wash my hair, it is usually so slippery that I have to load it up with pomade just to give it some grip. But you know what else has grip? DRY SHAMPOO!!!!!

So let’s do this, kids!

This is the hair I started with:


Messy, but workable.


Spray-spray with DIRTY SECRET Dry Shampoo, which TIGI describes as “funktabulous” right on the bottle. That’s exactly the word I need to describe my hair at this very moment. LET’S DO THIS!


This is me with the spray in style 1 (that’s right baby, today I’m gonna get versatile!!!)


But, sadly, even though I didn’t look half bad, by 11:59 I decided to switch parts, to see if this versatility thing was really doable. Thus:


That’s right, I DO have more than one hairstyle! And I rocked this one until 1:30, when I spontaneously decided to change my look AGAIN. AND I COULD. BECAUSE DRY SHAMPOO VERSATILITY. YAY.

Yes, I did try to take photos of my hair on the sly in a public place (after just having taken a nap in this said public place) (go college!). But you know how I was able to change my hair so seamlessly? DRY!! SHAM!! POO!!


By the end of the night, I had honestly forgotten about this experiment until I was mid-tooth-brushing, about to jump into the shower at midnight and rinse it all out. Thus, these are my end of night photos:

I know, beautiful! I really liked having hair that I could flip at my time of choosing, and it would stay!


Now, although this may be the end of the products I am trying, but this is not the end of my experimenting! No ma’am! Someone (me) has to see just how far these products can really go. I’d recommend just following along this photographical narrative with your eyes. That’s all you can really do as you watch the decline of my night, but the vast IMPROVEMENT of my hair.


And that’s it, kids! I hope you liked the little photo journey I took you all on, and I hope you didn’t mind looking at my face for too long.